Donne in area rurale / Women in rural areas – Call for Grundtvig workshop participation

Agroinstitute Nitra, Slovakia, will hold an international workshop for rural women from EU countries from 1 to 5 October 2012.
The main objective of the workshop is to develop and promote key skills for economic and personal development of women from rural areas. The workshop enables them to share experiences and have feedback from other participants that could encourage them to realise their business ideas or expand and develop their existing activities into a small service or business. Participants will have an opportunity to visit and meet Slovak women entrepreneurs and share best practices.

Application form (available at kobidova.

The deadline for sending application is 7 September 2012. Organisation of the workshop is supported from the European Lifelong Learning Programme GRUNDTVIG. Participants should arrange their transport to Bratislava and/or Nitra by them. Their travel costs will be reimbursed after delivering tickets and boarding passes. Boarding and the programme will be arranged by the organiser.

Direct target groups are women from rural areas from any European Union member states and other countries involved in the GRUNDTVIG programme (27 EU member states, Croatia, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Cyprus, Norway and Turkey). Preconditions for participation are folowing: women at age 30 plus, living in the rural areas, intermediate level of English (speaking is the most important), basic knowledge of IT technologies, searching for new opportunities and new jobs at rural area, willing to learn new skills and ICT technologies and share their own opinions and experiences. Advantage is a membership in a Local Action Group or women organisation.

For more information contact Ms. Kobidova at the email address: kobidova


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