Generations @ school competition is open to all schools in Europe until 30 June!   Leave a comment

Generations @ school competition is open to all schools in Europe until 30 June!

On the occasion of the European Day of Solidarity between Generations (29April) schools all over Europe are organising intergenerational activities in order to take part in the 2nd edition of the generations @ school competition!

generations @ school invites teachers to organise an activity that brings pupils together with seniors from their communities to explore how dialogue between generations can contribute to a better understanding of each other.

Share your intergenerational activity and win a great trip to Brussels or a camera for your class!

As the European Union has designated 2013 as“European Year of Citizens” this year would be a good opportunity to organise discussions about Europe: How has life in Europe changed since older people were young? How does everyone view life in Europe today and in the future? How does everyone imagine their own future?

Connect different generations through exchange and learn about each other!

This year already 350 schools have registered – be the next!

It’s easy to register and our website ( is full of resources to help you in your preparation! Feel free to use the examples and competition entries as a source of inspiration!

By clicking on the following link, you can download a colourful postcard, which pupils may print and use to invite seniors to take part in the generations @ school activity.

Organise and share your intergenerational activity until 30 June!

Participate! You are still on time!

Generations @ school Team


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