La Commissione europea ha presentato lo scorso 13 febbraio la Strategia politica annuale per il 2009. Cinque sono gli assi principali sui quali si concentrerà l’azione dell’esecutivo europeo: la crescita ed l’occupazione, il cambiamento climatico e l’Europa sostenibile, la realizzazione di una politica di immigrazione comune, mettere il cittadino al centro delle politiche, l’Europa come partner mondiale.

Improving Communication and Communication Priorities for 2008.  As decided in the APS 2008, the main communication priorities for 2008 will reflect the Commission’s political priorities as well as research findings reflecting citizens’ interests and the recent experience gained on effective communication.Recent research shows that the main concerns for EU citizens are the social dimension of the EU in the context of globalisation (in particular jobs and the fear of unemployment) as well as migration and other issues related to citizens’ security. Interest in energy and climate change is on the increase manifested also by the success of the energy/climate change package presented on 10 January 2007. Obviously challenges such as globalisation and achieving sustainable development in its three dimensions (economic, social and environmental) will have to be integrated in all communication priorities. Following the June European Council and the launch of an Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) a new EU Treaty, communication (both providing full and comprehensive information and maintaining a permanent dialogue) with the European citizens needs to be reinforced especially during the upcoming IGC and ratification process.The increased communication impact has already been shown in areas such as energy and climate change, with increased synergies between Commission services and enhanced level at local level. The Commission therefore confirms the following as its communication priorities for 2008:

Communication priorities envisaged for 2008         The Budget Review         The Single Market Review         The Social Reality Stocktaking         Justice, freedom and security – Migration         The Institutional Settlement         Energy and Climate Change         Neighbourhood policy 

While concentrating its efforts and resources on key priorities, the Commission will continue to pursue and strengthen its efforts to better communicating Europe in all policy areas.On the other hand, following the European Parliament’s request in its resolution on the APS 2008[1] and the follow-up to the Commission’s proposal on “Communicating Europe in Partnership”[2], the Commission agreed to set up an annual work plan on inter-institutional communication priorities.At the last Inter-institutional Group of Information (IGI) of 24 May 2007, the Commission agreed to consider the following as inter-institutional communication priorities:

Inter-institutional communication priorities envisaged for 2008         The Institutional Settlement         Energy and Climate Change         European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 


[1] Virrankowski report, A6-0123/2007
[2] …………………………………

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